Zico2 Walkthrough

Here we go. Walkthrough for Zico2 is happening in 3….2….1. ****Spoiler Alert**** ****Spoiler Alert**** For me this was a sleeper of a CTF. I had the box right up to a low privilege shell in a matter of minutes, but popping a shell and escalating from there took much longer than I anticipated. It was a very informative and fun VM. Let’s get to crack’n! Initial Nmap shows HTTP, SSH, & RPC:

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After completing Bulldog-2 I had to take a shot at the original Bulldog-1. How did it fare to the sequel? Let’s find out! ****Spoiler Alert**** ****Spoiler Alert**** Ennumeration of this box initially showed some interesting things to keep in mind: The first as seen above is that well-known services (like SSH), will not always show up on their associated port, and can be assigned at the admin’s whimsy. Although that doesn’t mean it’s any less detectable.

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Bulldog2 Walkthrough

This is a walkthrough of the CTF machine “Bulldog2” on Vulnhub. For me this was a challenging VM to beat! I like one’s like these because they challenge me while still being enjoyable. ****Spoiler Alert**** ****Spoiler Alert**** So after initial bootup we grab the IP and perform the obligatory nmap scan: Looks like slim pickings with a single website. Let’s take a look at Bulldog.social: Nice. Another social media site selling data to vendors.

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Toppo Walkthrough

This is a walkthrough of the CTF machine “Toppo” on Vulnhub. It’s an easy machine so I thought that would make a good first post here :) ****Spoiler Alert**** ****Spoiler Alert**** So after an nmap -A we get the following output: A short visit to the site on port 80 reveals a no frills blog, so we run Nikto for some additional information: An admin directory with indexing enabled could be interesting.

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